Franck Muller Master Square: Reviewing the Art Deco Watch

Franck Muller offers an environment where craftsmanship meets avant-garde innovation. It has carved out a prestigious position in the luxury watch industry. Known for pushing the boundaries of watchmaking, it combines bold designs with complex movements.

The Master Square collection stands out with its Art Deco influence, embodying a blend of strong character and a balanced design. This series pays homage to the timeless elegance of geometrical shapes and symmetries celebrated in the mythical Art Deco period.

Explore the nuances of this exceptional collection, highlighting its design philosophy, craftsmanship, and the unique place it holds in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Art of Square Design

The Franck Muller Master Square stands out in the world of horology with its unique square silhouette. 

When you strap this timepiece on your wrist, the distinct shape immediately gives it a robust presence that diverges from the more common round watches. Square designs in watchmaking are less prevalent, making the Master Square a notable piece for collectors and enthusiasts looking for something beyond the traditional.

Square watches, like the Master Square, carry with them a flair of Art Deco inspiration. The geometric purity and symmetry of the design create a sense of balance and harmony. It’s not just a watch; it’s a statement piece that reflects a taste for the Art Deco movement, characterizing elegance and sophistication in its purest form.

This square design doesn’t just influence the aesthetics but also the wearability. Master Square watches rest comfortably on your wrist, with their contours mirroring the natural shape of the wrist. This ensures that despite their bold appearance, they deliver comfort without compromising on style.

In the landscape of luxury timepieces, the Franck Muller Master Square sets itself apart with a design that boldly challenges the norms of round-faced watches. It’s a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to craftsmanship, offering you a distinct choice that is as functional as it is artistic.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Watches from the Franck Muller Master Square collection flaunt a blend of high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece showcases a meticulous commitment to quality and elegance, setting it apart from the crowd.


Image with 3 Franck Muller Master Square Watches

The Master Square watches feature several premium materials:

  • Gold (white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold): Often used in the collection for a luxurious appeal.
  • Diamonds: Master Square timepieces can come adorned with precision-set diamonds for added brilliance.
  • Stainless Steel: Selected for its durability and shine, offering resilience and class.

These materials are chosen for their beauty, endurance, and timeless appeal, ensuring that your watch retains its value and elegance over time.


Crafting a Master Square watch involves:

  • Precision Engineering: Every component is crafted with absolute accuracy.
  • Artisanal Expertise: Skilled watchmakers assemble each piece by hand.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous testing for reliability and performance.

The artisanship embedded in the Master Square line reflects Franck Muller’s reverence for traditional watchmaking, harmoniously blended with innovative designs. As a wearer of a Master Square timepiece, your appreciation for the art of horology is on full display.

close up image of Franck Muller Master Square ref. 6000 H SC DT R

Movement and Functionality

When you explore the Franck Muller Master Square collection, you’ll encounter primarily two types of movements: quartz and automatic. Quartz movements are known for their precision and low maintenance, utilizing a battery as a power source. 

Automatic movements, on the other hand, harness energy through the natural motion of your wrist, offering a traditional mechanical experience without the need for a battery.

Quartz Movement

Automatic Movement


No battery required

High accuracy

Powered by wrist movement

Minimal upkeep

Often considered more prestigious

Within the range, the Master Square watches may come with a variety of functionalities that enhance their appeal. Some models such as the Franck Muller Master Square ref. 6000 H SC DT R with a black leather strap are equipped with a date display, typically located at the 6 o’clock position. This feature adds a layer of practicality to the already stylish timepiece.

Certain Master Square models might also include intricate complications. These features are aesthetically pleasing and useful, showcasing the technical prowess behind Franck Muller’s creations.

Always check the specific model for accurate details on the movement and functionality, as Franck Muller is known for offering a wide array of options even within a single collection.

Variations and Collections

The Franck Muller Master Square line affords a rich selection that caters to your diverse tastes in luxury timepieces. This allows wearers to revel in varied sizes to suit their wrists, from more diminutive options tastefully crafted for refinement to bold pieces that make a strong statement.

close up dial image of Franck Muller Master Square ref. 6002HQZD1RCOLDRM(AC)

Dial Designs and Color Schemes

The collection’s commitment to geometrical purity and harmony is evident in every model, whether you prefer a subdued look or something that stands out.

Limited Editions and Special Series

By selecting from the Master Square collection, you embrace distinctive timepieces that resonate with Art Deco flair. Whether for formal wear or a casual meeting, these watches adapt seamlessly to your style and occasion.

Each variant within the Master Square line underscores Franck Muller’s esteemed craftsmanship, allowing you to invest with confidence in a piece that remains both contemporary and timeless.

Collectibility and Value

When you consider the Franck Muller Master Square, you’re looking at a timepiece with significant collectibility due to its distinct Art Deco aesthetic and the brand’s reputation for complex horological inventions. 

As a collector, the Master Square series offers you a blend of luxury, signature style, and more bang for your buck as we shall see.

  • Auction Results: Historically, its watches have performed variably in auctions, with some exceeding their expected resale value dependent on rarity, condition, and demand. For instance, the Franck Muller Lady’s Pink Gold and Diamond-Set Automatic Center Seconds Watch with Date (circa 2005) sold for S$55,776– surpassing its S$20,594-S$34,324 estimate.
  • Resale Values: The resale value of the Master Square watches can be quite strong, especially for pieces in good condition or those with limited production.
  • Value Appreciation: Depending on market conditions and the specific model, your Master Square watch may appreciate over time, making it a potential good investment.

It’s essential to note that special editions, like the Master Square adorned with diamonds, can fetch higher prices. Pieces with precious metals or diamond settings tend to have a stronger presence on the resale market.

You might encounter different price points; for example, the Ladies Master Square Rose Gold Quartz with Roman numeral hour markers retails at a premium. However, the key to collectibility is not just in current market value, but also in the watch’s potential to remain desirable to future collectors.

When assessing a Master Square’s longevity in value, consider the model’s production numbers, materials, and historical significance. Watches with lower production numbers often see a higher demand among collectors, potentially increasing their long-term value.

Remember to ensure it comes with an original box and it’s authentic and water resistant. Also, strive to maintain your Master Square’s condition, as these factors are crucial in preserving its collectibility and value.

Standing Out in the Luxury Watch Arena

Franck Muller’s Master Square collection is a distinctive option that merits close attention. It bears a unique identity within the echelons of high-end timepieces, prominent for its Art Deco inspirations and harmonious design. 

The series is underpinned by geometrical purity, featuring lines that express symmetry and balance.

Here’s a concise comparison highlighting the attributes that set it apart from its contemporaries:


Franck Muller Master Square

Other Luxury Watches

Design Influence

Art Deco Movement

Varied, often classic or contemporary

Case Shape

Distinct square form

Typically round or oval

Dial Aesthetics

Symmetrical lines, balanced proportions

Frequently includes complex designs

Brand Recognition

Bold, statement-making style

Ranges from understate to flamboyant

Appreciation for the Master Square stems from its sharp character, which defies the standard round cases that dominate the luxury watch landscape. Franck Muller delivers something unexpectedly different, not just in shape but in the overall presentation and feel.

Dial intricacy is another area where the watch shines. Even with the inclusion of diamonds, as found on certain white gold original diamond automatic watches, the emphasis on geometrical aesthetics is unwavering—ensuring a look that’s opulent yet meticulously structured.

For enthusiasts seeking an artful blend of historical flair and modern craftsmanship, the Master Square makes for an alluring choice that’s tough to overlook. Its design philosophy doesn’t imitate; it revitalizes, casting a fresh light on the definition of luxury watches without compromising on Franck Muller’s revered quality.

Final Word

Challenging conventional round designs, the Master Square series showcases Franck Muller’s innovative spirit, offering collectors and enthusiasts a watch that is a timekeeping instrument and a piece of wearable art.

Key Takeaways

  • The Franck Muller Master Square watch is heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement, with geometry and symmetry that give it a timeless and perfectly balanced design.
  • Utilizing gold, diamonds, and meticulous attention to detail, each watch exemplifies luxury and quality.
  • The Franck Muller Master Square is a worthwhile investment for every male watch lover, not just for its design and luxury status, but its ability to retain and even appreciate in value as shown by the Franck Muller Ladies’ Pink Gold (circa 2005) watch.

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