5 Things to Know About Rolex’s Oysterflex Bracelet

The Rolex OysterFlex Bracelet, launched in 2015 with the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, marks a significant timeline in the brand’s history. It was introduced as a material that combines the robustness of metal with the comfort of rubber, featuring a patented titanium and nickel alloy blade encased in a high-performance elastomer. 

This design offers the strength of a traditional metal bracelet while ensuring flexibility and comfort—a fresh look among myriads of Rolex bracelets in steel and gold. Over the years, Rolex has refined the OysterFlex, maintaining its robustness and luxury aesthetic. 

Here’s a deeper dive into the key aspects that make this bracelet stand out in the world of high-end watches:

1. Innovative Materials

close up image of Rolex Oysterflex strap

The Rolex OysterFlex bracelet showcases the brand’s innovative spirit with its high-performance elastomer—it’s highly resistant and durable to environmental effects, ensuring longevity even in maritime conditions. 

Adding to its innovation is the brand’s patented cushioning system with longitudinal cushions that conform to your wrist shape, enhancing comfort. The underlying flexible metal blade, made of a titanium and nickel alloy, also provides a resilient and adaptable structure, maintaining the bracelet’s integrity while offering flexibility. 

2. Flexible Design

The OysterFlex bracelet is engineered for comfort with a flexible metal blade made of titanium and nickel alloy, over-molded with high-performance black elastomer. This design ensures robustness while conforming to your wrist’s shape. 

Reinforced with additional metal blade inserts around the Oyster architecture Monobloc middle or other materials that made up the case and clasp, it offers resilience where needed, maintaining elegance and structural integrity. Rolex has combined the aesthetic of a metal bracelet with the practicality of a rubber strap, making the OysterFlex resistant to UV rays, water, and extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and functionality under any condition.

3. Comfort and Ventilation

The Rolex Oysterflex bracelet is equipped with a cushion system that stabilizes the bracelet while allowing air circulation. This thoughtful design ensures comfort on warm days, preventing the bracelet from sticking to your skin or accumulating sweat. 

Overall, the construction of the Oysterflex allows for airflow, enhancing wearability and comfort. Whether in your daily routine or on special occasions, the Oysterflex bracelet provides a secure, breathable, and stylish experience on your wrist.

4. Secure Clasp

Oysterlock safety clasp

The Oysterlock safety clasp is a key feature of the Rolex Oysterflex bracelet. Made from 18 ct Everose gold, the clasp is luxurious and robust, engineered to resist accidental opening.

The bracelet also features the Rolex Glidelock extension system, allowing tool-free adjustments of up to 15 mm in small increments for a perfect fit. This combination of security and comfort ensures that your Rolex watch is a reliable companion for everyday wear and active lifestyles.

5. Compatibility

Rolex Yacht-Master m126655-0002 and Rolex Daytona 116515LN

The Rolex OysterFlex bracelet offers a blend of durability and elegance, compatible with select Rolex models:

  • Yacht-Master: Originally designed for the Yacht-Master, particularly the 18 ct Everose gold version (Reference: m126655-0002), the OysterFlex bracelet ensures a snug fit, enhancing the luxurious design of the watch.
  • Daytona: The bracelet also pairs well with the Daytona models, such as the 116515LN variant, with end links that ensure a secure and stylish connection between the case and the bracelet.

Each OysterFlex bracelet has a unique reference/part number, 350501, which is essential for finding the right replacement or making a direct purchase. Selecting the correct size for your watch model to ensure optimal compatibility is important. 

Comparison with Other Rolex Bracelets

The bracelet is as significant as the watch when exploring the world of Rolex timepieces. The OysterFlex presents a modern take, but how does it fare against its metallic siblings, the Oyster and Jubilee bracelets?


OysterFlex Bracelet

Oyster Bracelet

Jubilee Bracelet


High-performance elastomer

  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Or a combination of both
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Or a combination of both


Very comfortable due to its flexibility and softness

Durable and secure, but may feel heavier

Known for its comfort due to its smaller, rounded links


Highly durable and resistant to environmental factors

Very strong and resistant to corrosion and scratches

Durable, but may show wear and stretch over time


Sporty and modern look

Classic and versatile appearance

Elegant and dressy look with a distinctive five-piece link design


Easy to clean and maintain

Requires regular cleaning to maintain its shine

Requires more frequent maintenance and cleaning due to its intricate design


Fixed size with a patented cushion system for fit adjustment

Highly adjustable by adding or removing watch links

Highly adjustable by adding or removing watch links

Water Resistance

Excellent for water activities

Good, especially with models featuring a screw-down crown

Good, but not as optimal as the Oyster for water activities

Each type of bracelet has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice often comes down to personal preference, intended use, and the specific watch model.

Maintenance and Care

The Rolex OysterFlex bracelet is a durable, comfortable strap made from high-performance elastomer. To maintain its appearance and improve its longevity, follow these tips:

Regular Cleaning:

  • Rinse with fresh water: After exposure to saltwater, chlorine, or sweat, rinse the bracelet to prevent corrosion and remove any residues.
  • Gentle washing: Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft brush with mild soap and lukewarm water to gently clean the bracelet. Avoid using abrasive objects that can scratch the surface.
  • Drying: Pat the bracelet dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Ensure it is completely dry before wearing it again.

Avoiding Damage:

  • Chemicals: Keep the bracelet away from harsh chemicals, solvents, and oils, which can degrade the elastomer material.
  • Direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the material to fade or become brittle over time. Store the watch in a cool, shaded place when not in use.
  • Extreme temperatures: Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause the strap’s material to fade or become brittle over time. Store the watch in a cool, shaded place when not in use.

Regular inspection:

  • Check for wear: Regularly inspect the bracelet for signs of damage, like cracks or splits. If you notice any damage, it’s best to have it checked by an authorized Rolex service center.
  • Clasp security: Ensure the clasp functions correctly and securely fastens the bracelet to your wrist.

Professional Servicing:

  • Rolex service centers: Consider taking your watch to an authorized Rolex service center for deep cleaning or repairs. They have the expertise and appropriate tools to properly care for your OysterFlex bracelet.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can help preserve the condition of your OysterFlex bracelet and ensure that it continues to look and perform its best.


1. Does Rolex sell the Oysterflex Strap?

Rolex does not sell the OysterFlex strap as a standalone accessory. It is only available as part of a complete watch purchase.

If you need a replacement or want to change your current Rolex bracelet to an OysterFlex, you need to visit an authorized Rolex service center, where they can assist you with the replacement, ensuring proper fit and authenticity.

2. What Rolexes are on Oysterflex?

The Rolex OysterFlex bracelet is available on select models within the Rolex lineup, primarily in their sports and professional watch collections. The models featuring the OysterFlex bracelet include:

Rolex Yacht-Master 37mm:

  • Reference 268655 (Everose gold)

Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm:

  • Reference 116655 (Everose gold)

Rolex Yacht-Master 42mm:

  • Reference 226659 (White gold)

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona:

  • Reference 116515LN (Everose gold)
  • Reference 116518LN (Yellow gold)
  • Reference 116519LN (White gold)

3. Is Rolex Oysterflex Comfortable?

Yes, the Rolex OysterFlex bracelet is comfortable. It is made from a high-performance elastomer, which is flexible and soft, ideal for extended periods. The bracelet also features a patented cushioning system, allowing air circulation between the bracelet and the wearer’s wrist, repelling sweat and accumulated heat.

4. Why is Rolex Panda So Rare?

The Rolex “Panda” Daytona is rare due to its limited production and high demand. Rolex produces a controlled number of these watches, which feature a distinctive white dial and bright black dial chronograph counters resembling a panda’s face. This unique and appealing design has made the Panda Daytona, and many other watches from the same line, a highly sought-after model among collectors and enthusiasts, according to Alex Williams of The New York Times.

Final Word

The Rolex OysterFlex bracelet combines luxury and innovation, featuring a durable and comfortable design. Made from a high-performance elastomer with a titanium-infused nickel alloy metal blade core, it offers a secure fit for active and casual wear.

Key Takeaways

  • Engineered for comfort, the bracelet’s flexible metal blade and elastomer coating provide a secure fit while conforming to the wrist’s shape.
  • The Oysterlock safety clasp and Rolex Glidelock extension system offer robust security and easy adjustment for a perfect fit.
  • The OysterFlex bracelet is compatible with select Rolex models, including the Yacht-Master and Daytona, enhancing their luxurious design with a sporty touch.

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