TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Watch Review: Uniquely Sporty

There’s so much buzz in the watch world about TAG Heuer’s latest addition to the Connected family; the Connected Calibre E4. Is it worth the excitement? Let’s find out in this Connected Calibre E4 review:


The TAG Heuer Calibre E4 is an energetic smartwatch that deserves the hype. It boasts cool features and upgrades. However, it lacks in the fitness (the Sports app and Wellness app need more reliable sensors for better performance) and calls departments, making room for (hopeful) improvement in the next iteration.


  • Longer battery life
  • Compatible with an iPhone and an Android phone
  • The rubber strap is comfortable around the wrist, even during all-day wear


  • Its bigger case (45mm) feels heavy, even for most bigger wrists
  • It doesn’t support LTE and call taking
  • It runs on Wear OS 2 software (for now), which doesn’t bring out its full potential

History of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

Tag Heuer History

TAG Heuer’s Connected collection contains four generations of watches, each having unique features and each new generation being an improvement of the previous one. Here are each of the iterations and what they’re all about:

1st Generation- TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E1 (SAR8A)

Officially released in November 2015, the TAG Heuer Connected E1 SAR8A took the first Swiss luxury smartwatch title. It had a modest-looking design, with a 46mm Titanium case, a black plastic case back, an asymmetrical strap, and a lower bezel wing with a ‘SWISS ENGINEERED’ print on the wing.

2nd Generation- TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E2 (SBF8A, SBF81)

The Second Generation was produced from 2017 to 2020. It was available in two models: 45mm and 41mm. The Modular 45 (SBF8A) had a full Titanium case including the case back, upper and lower bezel wings (with the lower wing having a ‘SWISS MADE’ print), and a Modular concept with quick-release system for buckles, lugs, and straps.

Meanwhile, the Modular 41 (SBF81) had a thinner, well-polished Titanium case with a black bezel and a strong rubber strap with a pin buckle. Both Modules were water resistant to 50m and were the only Swiss Made Connected generation.

3rd Generation- TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E3 (SBG8A)

Manufactured from 2020 to 2022, the 3rd Generation was available in a 45mm steel case and a sporty rubber strap, steel case and steel bracelet, and an all-black Grade 2 Titanium options. The generation ran on Google’s Wear OS 2 software. 

It saw the introduction of impressive features such as a screen that changes from active to ambient mode to save energy, a 430mAh battery that provides six hours of music streaming, sports tracking using GPS, and heart-rate monitoring. It was also water resistant to 50m and had a Caliber E3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor.

4th Generation- TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 (SBR8A, SBR80)

It’s the latest addition and our focus for this article. The generation was introduced in March 2022 and is available in 45mm (SBR8A) and 42mm (SBR80) case size options.

The 45mm is available in two versions: Titanium with a black Diamond-like Carbon coating and a Titanium case back, and a steel option with a lovely ceramic bezel and steel case back. Its strap alternatives are a black rubber strap with a Titanium folding clasp, a metal bracelet, and a black rubber strap with a steel folding clasp.

The 42mm comes in a stainless steel case only and has black calfskin leather strap, stainless steel bracelet, and black rubber strap choices.

Design and Features of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

The following is a detailed look at the Connected Calibre E4’s main features:

The Case

Tag Heuer Connected Case

Both versions’ cases are pretty similar, except for the material and size differences. The major difference is that the 45mm watch case has a black ceramic bezel over its dial and sapphire crystal. Meanwhile, the 42mm stainless steel model has a smaller bezel that blends into the display under a domed sapphire crystal for a stylish look.

Both cases have polished and brushed facets, well-accentuated lugs and chamfers, and a rotating crown on the side used as a power button and for scrolling through screens. They also have redesigned pushers between the crown that help operate the smartwatch.

Some case options have sensors at the back to enable the Wellness app to indicate your heartbeat in real time.

The Dial

Tag Heuer Connected Dial

Both dial options have pleasantly colorful OLED screens compared to previous versions. The dials offer excellent visibility even in bright direct sunlight, and have an anti-dust treatment that keeps them dust and fingerprint-free even after a busy day’s use.

The 45mm’s OLED screen has a 1.39mm inch measurement. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor and has a 454 x 454- pixel resolution. It also features:

  • A compass
  • Built in GPS tracking
  • A 430mAh battery
  • NFC for mobile payments through, e.g., Google pay
  • An altimeter- it unites the existing accelerometer, GPS, compass, and heart rate monitors.
  • Bluetooth 5.0- that allows data to sync to a smartphone twice as quickly as previous models. 

The 42mm’s watch face is slightly smaller (1.28 inches). It has a 416 x 416 pixel resolution and a battery with a tinier 330mAh capacity. The dials also offer new, fluid animated face options that serve aesthetic and educational purposes.

The Movement

Tag Heuer Connected Movement

At the heart of the newest TAG Connected piece is the Calibre E4 module. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ processor with sensors for Barometer, heart rate, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, NFC, and compass. It’s operated by Google’s Wear OS 2 software at the moment. However, TAG promises users the chance to update to Wear OS 3 for free once it’s out.

Note: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ processor works with the 1GB RAM and 4GB storage capacity on both models to keep them functional and reliable.

The Battery

Tag Heuer Connected Battery

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smart watch has received a considerable extension on its battery life (by 30 percent for the 45mm option). According to TAG Heuer, both models get a full day of battery performance. 

The 45mm gets an entire day of activity with either two hours of walking and an hour of indoor running or five hours of golf tracking mixed in. You can also get through a day and a half as you use all the features plus 30 or 40 minutes of GPS use. At that point, the smartwatch will change to clock-only mode. Any more beyond that without charging results in, well, the piece going dead.

The 42mm’s battery can last a full day with only an hour or so of run tracking. Please note that you can only achieve a full-day battery if switched to battery-saving mode.

So how long do the watches charge? First, they come with an impressive stand-style charger that snaps onto them magnetically. They take an hour and a half to charge fully if undisturbed.

Pricing and Availability

According to WatchCharts, a 45mm Porsche Edition SBRA8A82 retails for S$3,852. Meanwhile, the TAG Heuer website reveals that the 42mm model has a retail price of S$2,524. Both models were first available through authorized TAG Heuer retailers on March 10, 2022. More info on that here.

TAG Heuer Connected As a Luxury Smartwatch

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 screams luxury as well as it does functionality. The 45mm case is also available in Titanium, which makes it enjoyably lighter (by 40%) than its steel sibling. It has a matching Titanium case back for a crisp, sophisticated appearance.

Also, both pieces are fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating over the dial. Sapphire crystal is a respected material for its elegance and resistance.

Their steel cases have an excellent, sleek design and are excellently finished. They take the luxury a notch higher with the brushed and polished facets. Then there’s the flawless 42mm’s domed crystal that towers gracefully over the slender bezel and ultra-clear face for a professional yet sporty look. Tilt it to the side, and that’s where the magic begins- when you see TAG Heuer’s overwhelmingly excellent attention to detail.

The anti-dust treatment on their dials, smooth, comfortable bracelets and straps, and premium materials that deliver quality and sophistication in equal measure makes the Calibre E4 a worthy opponent to contend with.

The Competitive Landscape

Which brings us to our next topic of discussion. The latest Connected member strives to satisfy the growing demand for sporty smartwatches in the smartwatch market. It has an aesthetically-pleasing body and design, unique features, super upgrades, and a reasonable price tag to go with it. The 45mm retails for S$3,852, while the 42mm version has a retail price of S$2,524.

Other equally-respected smartwatches like the Breitling Exospace B55, the Apple Watch Series 6, and the Garmin Marq Athlete are stepping up to compete with it for the largest share of consumers. But do they have what it takes?

  • Battery life- the Exospace B55 has a quartz movement with a rechargeable battery (anatomy) that can last up to 2 months, the Watch Series 6 offers an 18-hour life on a full charge, and the Garmin Marq provides a 12-day battery life.
  • Water resistance- the Exospace B55 and Garmin Marq are water resistant to 100m, while the Series 6 offers a 50m resistance.
  • Wellness tracking- the Exospace B55 doesn’t have an accelerometer to track fitness, the Watch Series 6 tracks your workouts with fitness data and metrics to match, and the Garmin Marq tracks and maps your workout activities and enables users to switch from one exercise to another.
  • Memory capacity- the Series 6 and Garmin Marq have a capacity of 32GB.

As for pricing and collectibility;

  • The Breitling Exospace B55 has a retail price of S$10,096, according to WatchCharts.
  • The Apple Watch Series 6’s retail price ranges between S$530 and S$570, depending on the case size (40mm and 44mm).
  • According to the Garmin Marq website, the Garmin Marq Athlete retails for S$1,993.

All the watches have a high collectibility rating based on their awesome features. But one thing to note is the Exospace is a (mostly) aviation watch and comes in a bulky 46mm case without the cool health features of the other models.

Therefore, the Apple Series 6 and Garmin Marq Athlete are the biggest threats to the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4. Most of their capabilities are admittedly super impressive. 

However, they can’t compete with the Calibre E4’s user-friendly interface. Plus, the Calibre E4 has more collectibility potential not just for its good looks and functionality but also for its connection to a respected Swiss luxury brand.


1. Is a TAG Heuer Connected worth it?

The TAG Heuer Connected is worth it. It has unique designs, nice bracelet options, beautiful watch faces, and countless helpful features.

2. How long will a TAG Heuer Connected last?

It depends on the use. However, a Connected watch can typically last two years with proper care and fewer charging sessions.

3. Is TAG Heuer Connected being discontinued?

No, it isn’t being discontinued. TAG may have discontinued the TAG Heuer Connected Modular, but Connected watches are still in production. Its latest offering is the Connected Calibre E4 running watch.

4. What does the TAG Heuer Connected do?

The TAG Heuer Connected tells time like a traditional watch. Plus, the TAG Heuer smartwatch helps users remain healthy and fit and keep in touch with their loved ones with its unique wellness features and the TAG Heuer app.

Final Word

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 luxury watch is a beautiful, functional, and valuable addition to TAG’s Connected family. However, it still requires some work in the fitness tracking experience, and we’re looking forward to a Wear Operating System 3 software upgrade.

Key Takeaways

  • The main difference between the Connected Calibre E4 42mm and 45mm models is the 42mm has a thinner bezel that blends into the display under a domed sapphire crystal. Meanwhile, the 45mm has a black ceramic bezel over the dial.
  • The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4’s most notable improvements are increased battery life, thinner cases, and two case options.
  • For now, the TAG Heuer Calibre E4 is operated by Google’s Wear OS 2 software, with chances of an upgrade soon.

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