New Omega Seamaster 300M Green Vs. Rolex Submariner Date “Hulk”

Omega Seamaster and the Rolex Submariner have been staples in luxury diving watches for decades. With the Seamaster’s reputation for legibility underwater and the Submariner’s longer power reserve, more unique features set these two models apart. 

While the Seamaster is generally more affordable than the Submariner, the latter holds a certain prestige that must be considered. 

The article provides an in-depth look at the design, technical specifications, performance, and pricing, guiding enthusiasts, especially those fascinated by luxury dive watches, towards making an informed choice.

Brief History

Introduced in 1993, the Omega Seamaster 300M Professional gained fame as James Bond’s watch in the 1995 film “GoldenEye,” becoming a pop culture icon. Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018, Omega revamped the Seamaster 300M with a ceramic bezel and an upgraded in-house movement, cementing its status among legendary dive watches.

In contrast, Rolex’s ‘Hulk’, the 116610 model, is known for its distinctive green bezel and dial, evolving from the ‘Kermit’ 16610LV. The Hulk, which debuted in 2010, maintained the 40mm case size of its predecessor but introduced a sturdier case with pronounced lugs, an updated Oyster bracelet, and a ‘Cerachrom’ ceramic bezel, marking a significant evolution in Rolex’s Submariner lineup.


Omega’s Seamaster 300M Green is notable for its 42mm stainless steel case and bracelet, complemented by a green ceramic bezel and dial. The dial features rhodium-plated hands and indexes filled with Super-LumiNova for enhanced visibility in low light. 

Inside, it houses the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, METAS-certified and resistant to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss. The watch offers 300 meters of water resistance and includes a helium escape valve to protect the watch during saturation diving.

Omega Seamaster 300M

Omega Seamaster 300M Green Features:

  • Case Size: 42mm stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Dial: Green ceramic, with rhodium-plated hands and indexes filled with Super-LumiNova
  • Movement: Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, METAS-certified, magnetic resistance up to 15,000 gauss
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Additional Features: Helium escape valve, green ceramic bezel

In comparison, the Rolex Submariner Date Hulk is distinguished by its striking green dial and bezel set in a 40mm Oystersteel case with a robust Oyster bracelet. The design is modernized with thicker lugs and a broad crown guard. It features a scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel and houses the COSC-certified Rolex Caliber 3135 with a Perpetual rotor for self-winding. 

Matching the Omega in water resistance, the Rolex also withstands depths of up to 300 meters. A distinctive Triplock crown system with three sealed zones ensures exceptional watertight security, much like a submarine hatch, contributing to its remarkable underwater capability.

Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV

Rolex Submariner Date Hulk Features:

  • Case Size: 40mm Oystersteel case with an Oyster bracelet
  • Dial: Green with a scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel, thicker lugs, and a broad crown guard
  • Movement: COSC-certified Rolex Caliber 3135 with a Perpetual rotor for self-winding
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Additional Features: Triplock crown system with three sealed zones for exceptional watertight security

Price Point and Resale Value

The Omega Seamaster 300M Green is a more affordable luxury watch, with a suggested retail price of around S$7,900 and a current secondary market price of S$6,177. Known for its quality and craftsmanship, it’s an excellent choice for value and long-term satisfaction. Buyers should consider trying on the watch and researching it before purchasing.

While the discontinued Rolex Submariner Date Hulk has become increasingly valuable, with its retail price of S$12,100 eclipsed by an average secondary market price of S$24,865. Its rarity and popularity have driven up resale values significantly, making it a coveted collector’s item with a strong potential for maintaining its worth.

So Which is Better?

At A Glance


Omega Seamaster 300M Green

Rolex Submariner Date Hulk


Case Material

Stainless steel


Rolex Submariner

Case Diameter




Dial Color

Green with wave pattern

Green sunburst



Ceramic uni-directional

Ceramic uni-directional



Caliber 8800

Caliber 3135

Omega Seamaster

Power Reserve

55 hours

48 hours

Omega Seamaster

Water Resistance






Sapphire with Cyclops lens

Rolex Submariner


Rubber strap or stainless steel



If you value a longer power reserve and a more accessible price point, the Omega Seamaster could be your better choice. On the other hand, if brand prestige, durability of materials like Oystersteel, and specific features like the Cyclops lens for date magnification are more important, then the Rolex Submariner may be preferable. Both watches offer exceptional quality and performance, making either a worthy addition to any collection.

Omega Seamaster vs Rolex Submariner Case

1. Case Material | Winner: Rolex Submariner 

Oystersteel, used exclusively by Rolex, is a type of 904L stainless steel known for superior corrosion resistance, especially in salty environments. While most luxury dive watches use 316L stainless steel, which is also durable and corrosion-resistant, Rolex’s Oystersteel may offer a slight edge in terms of resilience in specific environments.

2. Case Diameter | Winner: Draw

The “better” choice between Omega Seamaster Green’s 42mm case and Rolex Submariner Hulk’s 40mm case largely depends on personal preference. If you prefer a slightly larger, more noticeable watch, the Seamaster’s 42mm case may be more appealing, whereas if you favor a more traditional, slightly smaller size, then the Submariner’s 40mm case could be your choice.

Omega Seamaster vs Rolex Submariner Dial

3. Dial Color | Winner: Draw

Choosing between the Omega Seamaster Green’s dial color and the Rolex Submariner Hulk’s dial color is a matter of personal taste. Both offer unique shades of green, with the Seamaster typically exhibiting a darker, forest-green hue. At the same time, the Submariner “Hulk” boasts a vibrant, rich green, each providing a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Omega Seamaster vs Rolex Submariner Bezel

4. Bezel | Winner: Draw

Comparing the Omega Seamaster Green’s bezel and the Rolex Submariner Hulk’s bezel comes down to personal preference and usage. Omega’s bezel has a ceramic insert, offering scratch resistance and durability. In contrast, Rolex’s ceramic bezel is renowned for its unique color and luminescent capsule on the zero marker, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions.

Calibre 8800 vs Calibre 3135

5. Movement | Winner: Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster’s Calibre 8800 offers strong anti-magnetic properties and a 55-hour power reserve. At the same time, the Rolex Calibre 3135 is widely recognized for its robustness, reliability, and a slightly lesser power reserve of 48 hours. Therefore, the “better” movement is largely that of Omega.

6. Power Reserve | Winner: Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster Green’s power reserve, at 55 hours, edges out the Rolex Submariner Hulk’s 48-hour power reserve. This means the Seamaster can run slightly longer off-wrist without needing to be wound. However, this difference may be insignificant in daily use as both watches provide ample power reserve for typical wear patterns.

7. Water Resistance | Winner: Draw

The Rolex Submariner Hulk has a water resistance of 300 meters, matching that of the Omega Seamaster Green, making them equally robust for professional marine activity, scuba diving, and high-impact water sports. The “better” choice would thus hinge on other design and functional aspects of the two watches rather than their equivalent water resistance.

8. Crystal | Winner: Rolex Submariner

The Omega Seamaster Green and Rolex Submariner Hulk use high-quality, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to protect the watch face. The key difference is that Rolex’s crystal features a Cyclops lens over the date for easy reading, so the one with an advantage would be the Rolex Submariner. 

Omega Seamaster vs Rolex Submariner Bracelet

9. Bracelet | Winner: Draw

The Omega Seamaster Green and Rolex Submariner Hulk feature a high-quality stainless steel bracelet. Still, they offer different experiences: the Seamaster has a comfortable and adjustable diver extension. In contrast, the Submariner’s Oyster Rolex bracelet is acclaimed for its durability and easy-to-adjust Glidelock clasp. 

10. Price Range | Winner: Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster Green often sells at a lower price than the Rolex Submariner Hulk, potentially making it a more accessible choice for many watch enthusiasts. However, the Rolex Submariner Hulk can retain or even increase in value over time due to high demand and brand prestige.

When choosing between the Omega Seamaster diver 300M Green and the Rolex Submariner Date Hulk, watch buyers should consider their budget, style preferences, and desired watch specifications. It’s certainly helpful to know the advantages of each watch so you can carefully weigh your options.


1. Why Is Rolex Seamaster Better Than Submariner?

The Rolex Submariner is frequently compared to the Rolex Seamaster. Still, it’s worth noting that they are two unique versions from different manufacturers. The Seamaster is an Omega timepiece, not a Rolex. 

When comparing the Omega Seamaster to the Rolex Submariner, some individuals may prefer the Omega Seamaster because of its distinct design, features, and tradition. Personal tastes, on the other hand, play a considerable part in selecting whether one is a superior watch.

2. Does Omega Have Higher Quality Than Rolex?

Comparing Omega and Rolex in terms of quality is nuanced. Rolex is renowned for its precision and uses 904L stainless steel, known for corrosion resistance. 

Omega is recognized for innovation, offering magnetic resistance in its movements and various materials, including ceramics. 

Rolex designs are conservative, while Omega provides a broader range. Rolex has higher brand prestige and resale value, but Omega watches are more accessible price-wise. 

The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference in style, features, and brand affinity, as both brands offer exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

3. Is Omega Seamaster Worth Investing?

Given the resale price range of Omega Seamaster watches from S$560 to S$30,731 on the private sales market, it’s evident that certain models within the collection can retain or even appreciate in value over time. The popularity of specific models, like the Omega, suggests that choosing the right Seamaster can indeed be a good investment. 

However, the value retention and appreciation potential depend on factors like the model’s rarity, demand, condition, and historical significance. While not all watches may see a significant increase in value, select models, especially limited editions or those with historical or cultural significance, may perform better as investments.

Final Word

When choosing between the Omega Seamaster and Rolex Submariner, you must consider a few essential points, such as their design, movement, materials used, and price point. Once you factor all these in, the Omega Seamaster vs. Rolex Submariner debate ends since your buying decision is mainly based on your needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • The key difference lies in their movements– the Seamaster features the Calibre 8800 with anti-magnetic properties and a 55-hour power reserve, while the Submariner uses the Calibre 3135 with a slightly lesser 48-hour power reserve.
  • The Seamaster stands out with its wave-patterned dial, ceramic bezel, and in-house movements, while the Submariner catches attention with its vibrant green dial, matching bezel, and robust Oystersteel case.
  • The Seamaster offers a more affordable option, while the Submariner holds prestige and desirability due to its brand reputation and high demand. Consider your budget and long-term value when making a choice.

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